Veteran’s Memorial Corner

Saluting Our Fallen Heroes

On May 30, 1960, a monument was erected on the corner of Street Road and Second Street Pike to honor the following men form the community who died serving our country in World War II:

  • Earl Casey
  • Anson Engle, Jr.
  • H. Douglas Graham, Jr.
  • Archie Leach
  • Roy W. Losse
  • Walter L. Yerkes, Jr.

The Honorary Mayor Leon Carlin solicited for donations around town and sold flags to raise the fund for the monument. In 1993, it came to the attention of the business community that the Memorial was incomplete and did not recognize the Supreme Sacrifice of Michael A. Pastorino who was killed in the Vietnam War. The Southampton Business & Professional Association, with the help of local Veterans organizations, the Southampton Inter-Service Club and many of its member organizations, raised funds to have Michael A. Pastorino added to the Memorial and beautify the area. The design of the area was created by Hays Raab, a local landscape architect and was executed by the Upper Southampton Township Administration.

The walkway was established in memory of Mrs. Lizzie Utz, a long time Southampton resident, and paid for with a bequest she made to the Bux-Mont Optimist Club. In 2001, the Southampton Business & Professional Association funded the rehabbing of the Memorial corner. The old trees and bushes were removed and replaced with new trees and bushes and lights were installed to illuminate the flag at night. Every year the area around the monument is planted with colorful flowers. The Association continues to take care of the maintenance each year for the Veteran’s Memorial Corner.